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CSS Slideshow

Can you build a slideshow using only css (and progressice enhance it with javascript)?

Links of the month - April 2020

Links to various stuff I have found interesting during April 2020.

Heading levels and accessibility

What about heading levels and accessibility?

Links of the month - March 2020

Links to various stuff I have found interesting during March 2020.

Automated accessibility testing with jest and axe

How to do automated accessibility testing with React, Jest and axe.

The hidden attribute (and animations)

What about the hidden attribute? How does it compare to aria-hidden and display none?

Animations and accessibility

What to think about regarding animations and accessibility?

Accessible form validation

What about accessible form validation? How to make sure every user knows which fields are mandatory? And how to present validation errors?

What if npm is down?

What if npm is down and you need it? What to do?

Formats for open graph images

What about formats for open graph images? What format should be used?

The alt attribute

What about the alt attribute for images? How to write it and could it be left out?

The autocomplete attribute

What about the autocomplete attribute for input fields? What does it do and how to use it?

Open Graph, Facebook and client side rendering

What about Facebook sharing a client side rendered SPA with Open Graph meta tags? Hint - It doesn't work out well...

Accessible tables

How to make a table accessible? There are some things to be considered if you want to get it right.


What about whatabout.dev? The story/idea behind this site.