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Links of the month - March 2020

At the end of each month I try to put together a list of links that I have found interesting. So here are the links of March 2020:

W3 practical examples - Accordion

W3 has to my liking become better at giving examples of how WCAG practically is implemented. Here follows a link to their accessible Accordion demo:

Watch out for input type number

The team behind GOV.UK always has interesting articles. This month they published an article about why <input type="number" /> can be an issue, and some solutions for it:

Margin considered harmful

An article that gives a good and brief explanation of why you should avoid using margins when building reusable components. The second link is to a more in depth article about a solution to the margin problem.

Github acquires npm

I guess not many has missed that Github (Microsoft) is acquiring npm. It will be interesting to see where this leads.

Write fewer tests! Model-based testing in React

Finite state machines is a really interesting concept. Here David "Xstate" Khourshid gives a talk about how you can generate tests automatically based on state machines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA3DXExjKqI

Linux tip of the month - Timeshift

While I'm on a journey to move more and more towards Linux I will try to incorporate a monthly Linux tip. These tips will probably be targeted for Linux newbies like myself.

This month I want to highlight the application "Timeshift". It's a bit like "Time machine" for macOS or "System restore" for Windows. It's a backup tool.
BUT it won't backup your user files, only the system files (like settings you've done and more).
For a newcomer to Linux I find it appealing to be able to easy restore my system without losing/affecting my files.